Four Common Home Siding Materials


Few house improvements or repair work can enhance the efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and value of your house like new home siding. Various siding materials have come back throughout the years, however a few standards have remained. For example, no one utilizes asbestos home siding any longer, and fiberglass and hardboard composite siding have actually been largely replaced with vinyl and cement. Here’s a look at the functions and other factors to consider these prominent products, along with the classic alternatives of wood or metal.

Wood Home siding
Wood exterior siding is one of one of the most attractive house siding choices. The typical kinds of siding include wood planks, boards, panels, as well as shingles. Wood clapboard lap siding is one of the oldest sorts of house exterior siding, and also you can see its appeal on historical houses. The major downsides of wood is its high expense and relatively high upkeep demands.

Wood siding is readily available in a wide range of designs, textures, and surfaces.
Wood clapboard or beveled lap siding is horizontal with overlapping joints. Wood plank or board siding is vertical and is available in board, batten, board-on-board, and also channel-groove or tongue-and-groove designs.

Metal House Siding: Light Weight Aluminum and Steel
The high-maintenance requirements associated with wood siding brought a desire for another choice. Light weight aluminum home siding was the first to meet the deman and it has evolved for many years into a really low-maintenance and preferred exterior siding option for more modern residences. In recent years, the availability of inexpensive steel has resulted in the prevalence of steel house siding.

Horizontal aluminum or steel home siding is available in straight strips resembling wood lap home siding, that include an installing flange at the top for nailing, and an interlocking side along the bottom to seal against the climate. Galvanized corrugated roofing is occasionally used for house siding on modern-style homes.

Vinyl Siding
As the search for affordable, low-maintenance siding continued, the next innovation after lightweight aluminum siding was the arrival of vinyl siding. Like lightweight aluminum, vinyl exterior siding can be found in strips with interlocking edges. A unique tool called a zip device is used to join and separate the house siding strips. Vinyl is available in a series of designs, including horizontal and upright panels and in a variety of colors. Vinyl home siding is available in a range of structures, consisting of wood shake and shingle designs too.

Fiber Cement Exterior Siding
Cement fiber exterior siding is the most recent development in household exterior siding. It’s durable, extremely low-maintenance, and since it is made from recyclable materials, it’s resource efficient. Fiber concrete house siding can be cut and installed like wood exterior siding. Some of the major suppliers of this item include Allura, James Hardie Industries, and Cemplank.

Fiber cement comes the closest to emulating an all-natural timber grain and is virtually identical from some timber house siding items. Complementary trim as well as millwork items are also offered to perform finish work for the house.

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